Gender Ratio in IT and the Windows 10 Lock Screen


@author Randy Gingeleski

@since 03/31/2017

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The Windows 10 lock screen’s (!!) issue of the day was “we need more women in IT.” Now and then Microsoft pushes these agendas to the average Windows 10 user.

Somehow I typically got paired up with the few girls in St. John’s programming classes. I preferred working with them, really, because they were nicer and had better hygiene than the male students. No discernible difference in skill.

As I get more chances to mentor younger engineers, it absolutely does not matter to me what their gender is.

But the difference I can make on this issue is very small compared to Microsoft themselves.

At the most basic level, they distribute a lot of scholarship money and hire for thousands of these IT positions. At a high level, they influence the perception of our field while marketing software and computing hardware.

Let’s spend less time lecturing from the Windows 10 lock screen and more time taking action. Even just taking care of our class action gender discrimination lawsuit.