Already know application security? Here’s a new course for learning about Ethereum and smart contract auditing. It’s free, it’s open.

TL;DR — the new course is at and that’s all open-source via

Years ago I taught myself web development in college via The Odin Project. It’s an open-source, free course that can take someone from zero programming knowledge to being a Rails developer (with portfolio!).

As time has passed and “awesome lists” have grown in popularity, I’ve increasingly appreciated The Odin Project. I think the format of holding someone’s hand and chronologically taking them through resources is far superior to carpet bombing them with links.

(I don’t like “awesome lists” in case you can’t tell)

Earlier in 2018, I ended up learning a lot about blockchain security, then Solidity (Ethereum) development, then finally the security of that.

Finally I could make my own Odin-style course — the Open Ethereum Security Course.

Some code

By no means do I know as much about this Ethereum security stuff as the Trail of Bits or Consensys guys. I’m the first to admit this. And without the resources those teams have put out, I’d be much worse off.

But I do know about going from just an appsec background to also learning this. I leverage a lot of resources from more knowledgeable teams during the course. I want to help people get up to speed, like I did, in less time.

You can find the course here — — and that website is automatically generated from two repos at

What I love about the open course format is that, if something can be improved, you can just fork and do it. No excuses.

Because at the end of the day I don’t even care if you blockchain.

Happy hacking. 🐱‍💻

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