Those of you (?) following the blog for a while know we’ve gone back and forth from Medium. I’ve personally grown to avoid them for my personal reading, given their increasingly omnipresent paywall.

So, getting one of my own sites off there has been on the to-do list for some time. The day for it has arrived.

This independently hosted rendition of War and Code is now its primary home. We may still replicate posts to Medium because – believe it or not – there are some people who follow us there.

Another thing is that here, on, we can resurrect posts that preceded the Medium effort. You can scroll back to find them. They’re backdated. Read your eyes out.

I pushed this thing to Medium way back when since that seemed like the trendy place to talk about tech. A couple people would filter through here once in a while, and others talked like being part of that platform would open some floodgates.

However, as mentioned, since then I’ve come to avoid their content. They’re intent on monetizing our readers, via paywall or a persistent sign-up wall.

So we’re hosting our own stuff again. You’re looking at a static site compiled with Hugo then plopped onto CDN. This should go without saying but… probably not worth your time trying to hack a static site.

Back in the day we used to run “real” Wordpress on a DigitalOcean droplet. Like, 5 years ago. Blame youthful naiveté. We’re lucky to never have been hit with some fresh WP exploit.

There may be some monetization in an attempt to offset our own costs, but you can be assured those efforts would/will be more responsible than Medium’s.

Anyway, that’s that. Happy reading. Happy hacking.

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